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Small Business Accounting - Corporate & Personal Income Tax
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Richard and Gary Bell / Founders

Crestwood Homes LogoIn 2005, my son and I started Crestwood Homes, Inc. We were new and needed the expertise of an accountant to assist with our books and reporting to the government. We did not receive proper professional advise from our first accountant, who had advised we could do our own spreadsheets. This turned out to be a nightmare. After we were audited four times and paid thousands of dollars due to lack of proper documentation, we decided to find another accountant.

We met with Dianne Mee and her honesty and integrity impressed us both. She set about to straighten out the mess our books were in and was always available to guide us in the right direction. It has been over 4 years now and because of her teaching and training, we are on the right track.

Dianne has the expertise and knowledge to help anyone organize and streamline their business. We have been so happy with her service that we both use Dianne’s services for all our personal and business dealings. She has helped us both achieve a better future with our company.

I definitely give you “5” Stars. I would go higher – and have always appreciated you making me special and helping me out.

5.0 Stars

Howard Steiss / Founder

Red Dot Real Estate Marketing LogoI chose Dianne to be my accountant because she’s a local professional conveniently located in Whiterock. Over the past eight years that I’ve been her client, Dianne and the people she’s assigned to my account have provided excellent performance and reasonable value for professional fees charged. They seem to be service minded and very polite.

I do appreciate the service I’ve received over the years, since the bookkeeping and accounting have been consistently accurate and timely on a monthly basis.

I’d rate Dianne Mee & Associates Inc. at “4 Stars,” since I’m a pretty hard critic whether I’m critiquing a hotel, a restaurant or anything else. I think “5’s” are reserved for “perfection” – and that’s rare in her business, my business or anyone’s business.

I would recommend Dianne to other business owners looking for an accountant because I’ve found her service to be responsive to my needs.

4.0 Stars
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